Should I?

via Daily Prompt: Second Thoughts

Second thoughts are my best friend! You heard me right. I just can’t have single opinion for anything. I can’t decide on one thing easily. After doing thorough analysis of anything, and coming to some conclusion, I start having second thoughts, third thoughts and then many thoughts 😀

Yeah. That’s my weakness. I’m  indecisive.

I go to a restaurant and I order coffee, and before waiter could reach the kitchen, I would run to him and ask him to make it tea. What? Do I love tea more? Nope, had I ordered tea I would have changed it to a cup of coffee. Except for few times when I exactly know what I want, most of the time I know what I don’t want and there is a huge list of what I want and picking one from that list is herculean task.

Well, now I’m having Second Thoughts whether I should publish this. Before I change my mind let me hit publish! 😀


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