It’s all around you!

via Daily Prompt: Irksome

I packed my bag and started on a journey, journey to find love and peace. It was dawn and the only sound I could hear was of  birds chirping. I walked and walked, and suddenly felt lost. I looked back, and to my surprise the road was no longer the one that I had taken, I panicked and looked ahead, the road had vanished and there was a jungle. This was not at all comfortable, because I didn’t want to find love and peace in a jungle. How can I? I’m scared of the Jungles. I closed my eyes tight and I saw my mom, dad and friends.  I tried to concentrate on my mom and she was smiling and waving, I opened my eyes again and saw a beautiful beach. I was happy. Sun was bright and I wanted to run, swim and play and do so many things but all of sudden the beach vanished. It was dark now, there was an isolated road and wrecked houses on either side. It was about to rain and I was uncomfortable again. It was Irksome to miss the opportunity to be at the beach  and being in such an apprehensive surrounding. I thought to close my eyes, may be like before things will change. But before I could close my eyes I saw a mirror lying on the roadside. I thought to look at it first. I picked up the mirror and saw myself. I didn’t look good being scared and shivery. So I smiled. I felt strong and dropped the idea of closing my eyes. I took the mirror and started walking on the road. I walked for few minutes and I could see the beach again. I walked fast and then I ran towards the beach. I sat on beach, sun was bright again. I looked at mirror and this time I was already smiling. I closed my eyes. I could see my mom coming towards me. She came to me, kissed me on my forehead and woke me up.

Mom asked, ” What were you dreaming ? ”

I said,” Life


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